Services and Special Offers

1. Accessibility for people with Disabilities

Is it possible for a person with sight disabilities to access your website, place orders, make purchase or fill in forms? According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, websites should be accessible to people with disabilities. Detailed checks are done on the images, text and coding to ascertain what steps we need to take to make your website compliant. More Information

2. Website Tune-Up 

Websites don’t get upgraded very often. However, to keep up with the times, these upgrades have to get done.

We will take a look at your website, checking to see what changes have to be made and whether it can be salvaged with just a few changes. You can request the free website analysis to find out the state of your website and what changes are possible. More Information

3. Basic Digital Website 

You provide the photos, text and any other data you want on your site. Decide on the new layout of your website from a specific selection of designs. Your new website will be mobile responsive and ready for digital marketing. This website will have the basic Data Protection requirements in. More Information

 4. Custom Website Design 

A brand new website designed from scratch, catering to your business needs, and still cheaper than most. We will assist with your text and photos, in addition to the content you provide. Hosting and SSL-Certificate are optional. More Information

5. Social Media Pages 

As you improve your online presence, your social media pages have to be created and upgraded. We will create your social media pages so that they are in line with your company image. You can provide content and photos, logos and any other information  you want on your social media pages. More Information

6. Digital Marketing Package

Digital Marketing is cheaper than most people think, and if you do it right, it is a LOT more cost effective than, for example, print media. The various Social Media Platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. offer untold possibilities to define and reach your target public with laser precision.  More Information


Building your Brand is vital to the continued operation of your business. Don’t underestimate the power of a Digital Website with all the above supporting it. We have done the homework and have made this incredibly affordable!

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