Website Accessibility for people with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that websites are accessible as well by sight- or otherwise impaired users who access the website via a reader or other electronic devices.

The penalties for non-compliance are steep, and include law suits. In the last year alone, over 2000 law suits were brought in instances where blind or sight disabled users were unable to access a website, make a booking, order an item or make a purchase.

The case of Domino’s Pizza made headlines recently, where the US Supreme Court supported the claim that Domino’s website should have been accessible to a blind user who wasn’t able to order a pizza because the website was non-compliant.

The seriousness and expense of this situation has demanded that business owners take steps to make their websites compliant.

Pleading ignorance or that you were not notified are no defense, as was seen in the Domino’s Pizza case.

So the very first step is to do an actual test of your website. Here are some of the points such a check consists of:

  • Can your website be navigated by visitors who’s eyesight is impaired?
  • Is the structure of the website easy to follow?
  • Can the text be easily read?
  • Do you offer Web Accessibility Assisstance?
  • Can the contactform be filled in by a blind person with a reader software?
  • Can pictures be “read” by visually impaired customers?
  • Can your shop get accessed via Reading Software?
  • Can a blind person make orders in your shop?

The above gives you an insight in the many points your website must comply to. Its true, its a lot of work! But at the same time, having these points in will work in your favor and is something you can use in your promotional actions. Because with this you demonstrate you care for your customers!

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