Website Tune-Up

Nowhere is change and progress more evident than in the digital world.

What was secure, hip and modern just a few years ago is today already outmoded and sometimes even an outright security risk.

Often when we look at websites we find broken links, Maps not working and all kinds of other issues that make a website look unprofessional and insecure.

Take Flash for example. Adobe Flash elements were, for many years, the latest craze and many of our customers integrated flash elements into their websites. Unfortunately, Adobe stopped supporting Flash in April 2019 and thus there are no more security updates available. Those Flash elements are now becoming a popular point of attack for hackers.

Then there are all the new Data Protection Regulations that have been passed in countries all over the world. In the USA, few websites have been updated to comply to those new laws.

Do you experience similar issues? Then our “Website Tune-Up” service is made for you.

Find out what needs to be done to get YOUR website back in shape. Request our Free Website Analysis below.

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